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Just a little heads up for aspiring public speakers out there!


The gender neutral term for “ladies and gentleman” is “distinguished guests”. This has been around since at least the 60s, so no one is going to question your use of it.

Please, please use this along with “ladies and gentlemen” if you aren’t entirely sure of the gender of your audience.

Thank you!

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there are way too many social justice warriors. we need a social justice scout and a social justice healer and a social justice black mage. seriously this videogame has like 10 different classes you can play and everyone goes for the one that just uses generic melee weapons?

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it’s sad when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were.

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alright now i used to hate pitbull because it seemed like the right thing to do but you know what i never hear him doing fucked up shit. as far as i know he is really just out there living life ,enjoying himself, visiting walmarts, and spreading the cubano party into the hearts of everyone around the world, he is mr. world wide and hes having a blast and i respect and love that pitbull. pitbull if youre reading this thank you and im sorry   

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oscar in space
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okay but consider this: fall themed nepeta
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